Ben Warner


Ben started his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), where he worked in technology development and implementation, and served as Project Leader for National Security. He also developed dual use technology that led to four tech company spinoffs and two ASTM standards. While at Los Alamos National Laboratory, he won every award related to commercialization and intellectual property, including the LANL Distinguished Licensing Award (2002), the LANL Distinguished Entrepreneurial Award (2003), the FLC Award (Federal Laboratory Consortium, for technology spin-offs) (2004), and an R&D100 Award (2005). He then founded XRpro Sciences, Inc. where he designed and commercialized x-ray equipment and laboratory automation for pharmaceutical ultrahigh throughput screening, including activity assays for ion channels, proteases, kinases, phosphatases, certain oncology targets, and co-factor analyses. He built XRpro Sciences, Inc. to 30+ people and took the company public. He holds 75+ patents. PhD/MIT, BS/University of the South