In 2019, the U.S. cannabis industry was at a standstill when multiple deaths resulted from vape cartridges containing dangerous additives. Our founders knew that in order to rebuild trust with consumers, transparency would have to prevail.  Vere Labs was born to design and create innovative products that assist producers in building a new and trusting relationship with consumers.

Why Work With Us

Vere Labs is at the forefront of technology in the cannabis industry. We’ve built a solid reputation throughout the United States by providing our partners with the knowledge and support to build consumer trust. Together, we can pioneer the industry and take your brand to new and transparent heights.

Partnership Benefits

Efficient Manufacturing

Increase production yields by 25-50%. Partners will receive video content of
vape as it is produced while tracking temperature, and equipment utilization rates for QC and operations monitoring.

JIT Vape Ordering

Vere Labs will track all filled products from partnered manufacturers. As we track filled products, we will know the precise amount that is produced and sold. With this data, we can schedule vape hardware delivery minimizing inventory costs and supply chain risk.

Consumer Trust

Partnering with us allows your consumers to access production QC data. By scanning a vape, they learn when and how their product was filled, as well as all other relevant metrics from the seed stage through the fill stage. This transparency establishes consumer confidence in your brand.


The Vere Labs team has deep experience in technology, lab automation, pharmaceutical-grade testing & tracking, and cannabis production & packaging.

About Us